We Offer Help – Not Judgement

• Anthony will explain the difference between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy!

• Anthony will explain what assets and property you can keep!

• Anthony will explain what debts you may be discharged!

• Anthony will assist you with completing all the paperwork!

• Anthony will download a 3 credit bureau report for your bankruptcy petition!

• Anthony will explain when the garnishment orders will STOP! From the moment the bankruptcy is filed, an automatic stay is created that temporarily stops all collection efforts, including wage garnishments, auto repossession, court appearances and harassing creditors!

• Anthony will explain your rights as a parent during and after your divorce!

• Anthony will help you understand the Indiana Parenting Guidelines!

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment

• Arrive on time and plan for the first meeting to last 1 hour

• Bring copies of your last Federal and State Tax Returns

• Bring copies of payroll check stubs for the last 60 days

• Bring your driver’s license

• Bring your Social Security Card

• Write down any questions you have prior to the meeting

• Financials can be messy, so please try and leave kids at home unless you have no other option