Experienced Guidance Navigating Bankruptcy And Divorce

Experienced Guidance Navigating Bankruptcy And Divorce

Protect Your Paycheck With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For a person who is already struggling with debt, wage garnishment is a devastating collection tactic. But the creditors who resort to such measures don’t care that you will have even less money to put food on the table, let alone catch up with your loans. Once they get their hooks in your paycheck they will not let go until you make them.

You can make them by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How Does Chapter 7 Stop Wage Garnishment?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy stops wage garnishment and other collection actions. As soon as you file for Chapter 7, a powerful legal tool called the automatic stay goes into effect, stopping wage garnishment, repossession and other collection activities. If your creditor was in the midst of filing a lawsuit so that they could eventually garnish your wages, bankruptcy stops the lawsuit.

Chapter 7 is a powerful means of turning the tables on aggressive creditors. Adolf Law Office is proud to offer the service to the hardworking people in Fort Wayne and throughout surrounding Indiana communities.

Take Control Of Your Debt Situation Today

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy not only stops wage garnishment, but also wipes out credit card debt, medical debt and other unsecured debt. You can take control of your financial future by harnessing the power of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If wage garnishment is taking a bite out of your paycheck, we are here to help you seek total debt relief. We can execute emergency filings in urgent situations. To discuss your options with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Fort Wayne, contact our law office online or by telephone at 260-208-4112.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.